YPlan Cinema Club: Handling Responses From Multiple APIs

Some movies you can only handle with popcorn How YPlan Cinema Club handles importing data from multiple APIs.

Continuous Integration for Android with Travis CI

Basic setup to continuously build Android projects with Travis CI.

AWS Summit London

Panorama of the AWS Summit London 2016 Expo area We went to the AWS Summit London 2016 - here's what we thought!

The past year of YPlan Engineering

Live Your City A recap of the larger areas of Engineering work at YPlan over the last year or so.

How I Learned to Stop Staging and Love Releasing (at YPlan)

Sometimes we do things out of habit without second thought on why do we do them, and what we are trying to achieve by doing it? I always used staging, and I never questioned myself - do I need it?

Deploying Amazon Lambda Functions with Ansible

We're using Amazon Lambda functions to run some small internal applications and glue together parts of our infrastructure. Here's how we deploy them all using Ansible.

Atomic CSS Modules

How we use this fantastic new CSS technique.

Star Slacker: Posting Play Store reviews to Slack

We love Slack integrations so much we build our own.

Inline styles are so 2016

Let's put our CSS rules where they belong - inside our JS.

Continuous Integration for iOS Projects

How we use Travis CI to test our iOS app code and deploy to Github.