ReactJS Day - Verona

Verona, Italy. Amazing speakers and community sharing their knowledge about React.

Build and Deploy

A big red deploy button. An overview of YPlan's build and deploy processes.

Introducing django-perf-rec, our Django performance testing tool

F16 plane going fast like our code does with django-perf-rec! A brief introduction to our latest open source project.

PyCon UK 2016 - Cardiff

Cardiff City Hall The adventures of 4 YPlan backend engineers over a long weekend in the "city of the unexpected".

Upgrading to Python 3 with Zero Downtime

A scary green tree python We recently upgraded our API backend from Python 2.7.12 to Python 3.5.2. Here's how we did it.

Restricting the Ansible Version in Use

Synchronize like wheels on a chain How to sync the Ansible version in use across your stack with a little callback plugin.

Faster Carthage bootstrap with cartfilediff

Traffic travelling quickly on a multi-lane road Dramatically reduce your CI build times by optimising Carthage bootstrap.

Stop ignoring Android Lint, use it

Android Tools The Android Lint utility is probably one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal that you are not using. It's time to get this setup correctly and start reaping the benefits.

EuroPython 2016 - Bonus Content

EuroPython 2016 This is a follow up post on EuroPython 2016, discussing the conference experience outside of the scheduled talks.

EuroPython 2016 - 5 Days of Pythonic Presentations, Programming and Pintxos

EuroPython 2016 I've just come back from a week in Bilbao, the capital city of the Basque country, home to the famous Guggenheim museum, amazing pintxos bars and the EuroPython 2016 conference.